Frequently Asked Questions

When do you open?

Our café and park will be open as from Tuesday 9th August 2022, then 7 days per week thereafter, except for Christmas Day.

What are your standard opening hours?

We are open Monday to Sunday, 9.00am – 5.oopm (access to the Park, 1 hour before closing time)

Car park closes at 5pm daily

Christmas Day – closed.

How much is it to access the Park?

Adults: £10.00

Concession / Students: £8.00

Children (12 and under): £5.00

Family (2 adults and 2 children or 1 adult and 3 children): £25.00

Booking for parties under 15 people, is not necessary, please just turn up and you will be welcomed to the café and park.

Do you offer seasonal passes?

Season Passes are now available from the ticket office within our café.

Holders can benefit from unlimited access to the Park, as well as free entry to all public open days / events (excluding charity days and ticketed events, such as concerts and shows) and exclusive access to pass-holder only open days and evenings.

Our Season Passes run for 12 months from date of purchase. An adult pass is £42.00 and a joint adult pass is £80.00. A Family pass is £85.00 (for two adults and up to four children). The value of our season passes can be earnt back in just 4 visits, making them a very reasonable investment for yourself or as a gift.

Further information regarding Season Passes can be downloaded HERE 

Where is the entrance to Hagley Park?

The entrance to Hagley Park is via the main wrought iron gates situated just slightly back from the A456, Birmingham Road, almost opposite the Badgers Sett. Our ‘what3words’ for navigation  purposes are;


What3words are used when street addresses aren’t accurate enough to specify precise locations, as postcodes don’t exist for parks and many rural areas. By using our what3words you are far more likely to find our location easier and more accurately. Please google what3words for more information and to download their free app.

Can I just visit the café?

Yes, you can visit the café without paying an entrance fee for the woodland trail. The café, patio and picnic areas are all free to use. Food and drinks are available to purchase within the café.

Do you accept cash?

Card payment is preferable. We are not able to take payment via Amex.

What does my ticket include?

Access to Hagley Park is not permitted via Hagley Hall or from Hall Lane. Your ticket does NOT include access to the inside or immediate outside areas of Hagley Hall. The Hall is open for tours during our house opening season at 10.30am and 12noon up until Thursday 7th March 2024 – please contact Hagley Hall to book on 01562 887290 or email Further information can be found at

How long is the trail and what will I see?

This really depends upon how far you want to walk and how much you wish to see!

The park’s pathways are intended to affect the senses, enhance positivity, and inspire visitor’s imagination, whilst its architectural designed features, of temples, seats, urns, a ruined castle are positioned along the route to stimulate thought and conversation alike.

Are dogs permitted?

Yes, we welcome well behaved dogs on short leads, as well as guide dogs. Please keep our park clean and pick up any dog mess and dispose off in designated dog bins. Please be aware of ticks and insects within the Park and keep dogs on short leads at all times on your visit.

How do I book the secure dog field at Hagley Park?

Please note, our dog field will be closed until mid / end of March to allow the field to recover from inclement weather conditions. We will advise when the field is open again to the public in due course.

We are excited to introduce our brand-new secure dog field, designed with the well-being and enjoyment of both you and your furry companion in mind. Located by Hagley Park, our secure dog field offers a safe and spacious environment where your four-legged friend can run, play, and socialise to their heart’s content. To book or for further information, please visit our website on the link below:

Hagley Park Secure Dog Field

Rules for Owners of XL Bully Type Dogs (and other banned breeds).

Banned/Restricted Breeds Compliance: Owners of banned or restricted breeds, such as the XL Bully, must adhere to all regulations stipulated by DEFRA and any government appointed bodies concerning the ownership and management of such breeds on the day they use our facility. There may also be additional rules to follow put in place by our insurers.

Specific Requirements Include

  1. Handler-to-Dog Ratio:  If the household has more than 1 dog, they can come to the field together as long as they have a minimum of 1 handler. All dogs leads and muzzles can be removed once in the field including the XL Bully/banned breed. If there are dogs from different households, any XL Bully or banned breed will need to remain muzzled and on a lead at all times with their 1:1 handler.
  2. Field Sharing: Shared use of the field with other dogs is permissible if they are from the same household and subject to the points in item 1. If you are mixing dogs from different households, this is only permitted if the dogs are acquainted, amicable, and devoid of aggression history. When mixing households any XL Bully or banned breed must remain muzzled and on a lead at all times.
  3. Muzzle Protocol: Upon entry and exit, a muzzle must be worn, and it can only be removed after all gates are securely closed/locked. The muzzle must be reinstated before opening the gates when departing. See also notes in point 1. & 2.
  4. Lead Usage: Use leads upon entry and exit until inside the main field with gates securely closed/locked; reverse this process when leaving. See also notes in point 1. & 2. A lead is defined as fixed length of no more than 2 metres.
  5. Registration and Paperwork: Registration of the dog on the IED and email us a copy of the relevant paperwork before your visit.
  6. Neutering and Microchipping: Dogs must be neutered and microchipped in line with Government rules.
  7. Secure Gates: Ensure gates are securely closed and locked during field use.
  8. Additional Compliance: Agree to adhere to any supplementary rules mandated by our insurers or any reasonable requests from Hagley Park Secure Dog Field, its representatives, or insurers in case of an incident.
  9. General Terms and Conditions: Comply with all our usual terms and conditions governing field use.
  10. You must email us with a proof of your IED & Insurance paperwork after booking and before first attendance.

Is Hagley Park accessible by public transport?

The nearest train station is Hagley Train Station. Although we are not directly on a bus route, we are situated in between two stops on the 192 route from Kidderminster to Birmingham.

Do you charge for parking?

Parking is free of charge.

Do you have blue badge parking?

Yes, we have plenty of designated blue badge parking spaces on site.

Do you have a play area?

Not at the current time, however plans are in place to open a play area as soon as possible.

Are coach parties welcome?

Yes, coach parties are welcome and our guided tour package includes a hot drink on arrival, a short welcome talk, tour and a printed booklet for £15.00. We have plenty of parking for coaches on site. If your group is larger than 15 people, please book in advance and download our group tours information form.

Is the park pushchair and wheelchair friendly?

Yes the visitor centre and café is accessible for pushchair and wheelchair users, however the terrain in the park itself is uneven in places so we do therefore ask you to take extra caution within these areas.

Are bikes permitted in the Park?

Unfortunately we do not allow bikes in the Park due to the uneven nature of the paths and their narrowness. They be also become a risk to walkers and potentially their animal and the existing wildlife already in the Park.

Do you have toilets?

We have accessible toilets in our café.

Do you have baby changing facilities?

Yes we have baby changing facilities in our café.

Do you have an area to store pushchairs?

Pushchairs can be parked outside our café in a designated area.

Can we purchase food and drink on site?

Yes, we have an on-site café serving hot and cold food and beverages. Special dietary requirements accommodated and high chairs are available in the café.

Can we bring our own food / picnic?

We have a picnic area in the front field, close to the car park and you are permitted to bring your own food / picnic blankets to sit on. Use of your own food is not permitted in the café or whilst seated at the indoor / outdoor tables. No open fires / flames are permitted anywhere on site.

Can we exit the park and then return?

You are welcome to leave the park to picnic and come back later, providing you have been given a ticket on exit.

Are there seating and resting points?

We have benches dotted around the park for you to rest and take in the spectacular views.

Do you have deep water on site?

Yes, the cascades within the park have deep water therefore we do ask you to be vigilant around these areas,  and have rescue poles accessible to the public.

Can we bring scooters / bikes?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the narrow pathways, bikes and scooters are not permitted in the Park, but access to the café is very accessible for bikes and scooters and are welcomed. We also wish to protect walkers, dogs and the existing wildlife already in the Park.

What should I wear?

Due to the natural landscape, pathways can be uneven and potentially muddy therefore walking boots or wellingtons would be advisable. Some of the walkways and paths may be slippery when wet, we ask you to be vigilant at all times. Please be aware of ticks and insects within the Park, for further information regarding tick bites and lyme disease please visit:

Tick bite risks and prevention of Lyme disease: resources – GOV.UK (

Will I see any deer?

There is a chance that you might encounter deer as you walk around the park. The deer are wild but they live here on the estate permanently. It is unlikely that the deer will approach you, in fact it is much more likely that they will run away. However, should you happen across one of our fallow, roe or muntjac deer please take the following precautions:

  • Do not approach the deer (stay at least 10m away) this is especially important if there any newly born calves or young deer in the spring and summer months.
  • Do not try to feed the deer.
  • Always keep your dog on a lead.
  • If you find yourself unexpectedly in close proximity to a deer, stay calm and walk slowly away. Do not run or shout.
  • Please check yourself and your dog for ticks following a visit to the park, for further information please visit Lyme Disease & Ticks – The British Deer Society (

Please be mindful that during rutting season (September – November) the behaviour of our bucks (male fallow and roe deer) changes. Please follow our advice to stay safe:

  • Keep at least 50m away from a stag or buck especially if you have a dog.
  • Do not approach even if the deer appear calm and still.
  • If you find yourself in close proximity to a deer, stay calm and walk slowly away. Do not run or shout.
  • If you feel threatened try to put a physical barrier between yourself and the deer, i.e. a tree or a bench or an expanse of water.

For further information please visit The Deer Rut – The British Deer Society (

Are drones permitted?

Hagley Estate does not permit drone operation from any of our land and properties, by our members or by the general public.

We do not grant permission for private flying from our land and properties for the following reasons:

  • Our members and visitors value the peace and tranquillity of our estate. The presence of drones can impinge on the quiet enjoyment by other visitors and therefore potentially presents a public nuisance risk.
  • Most of our estate is home to wildlife or agricultural animals which are sensitive to disturbance, such as birds and deer herds, which could be alarmed or stressed by the presence of drones, especially at breeding times.
  • Most drones have cameras attached, the use of which could contravene with our rules on commercial photography and filming.
  • If a drone causes damage or harm, pilots who are members of the general public rarely have the correct insurances, or level of insurances, to adequately compensate those affected.

Can I smoke outdoors?

Smoking is not permitted on site.

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